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About Website Screenshot Generator

The online website screenshot generator permits you to quickly capture any net link and provides a screenshot or fingernail. This free screenshot capture tool is incredibly easy and straightforward to use, all you've got to try to be offer any web site universal resource locator and it'll do the remainder of the work by itself and allow you to save the image in JPEG format. If you would like to avoid wasting website screenshot in responsive environments, then you'll be able to use web site screen resolution machine tool. We do not paste any watermark on pictures thus you'll be able to use the captured pictures in any social media you would like.

This is a useful, innovative tool, this screenshot generator is for you if you would like to increase the click-through rate, traffic and stickiness of your website. Your users can visualize your website page before they can click it so that they will have an idea on what to see and expect before actually visiting it.

All you need to do is to input the URL of the page in which you want to generate a screenshot of without any hassle. This tool will capture the screen of any webpage or generate its thumbnail that you may want to use for yourself.