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Page Size Checker, one of the many free SEO tools that SER has come up with. As you may get an idea from the name itself, you can use this handy tool to find out the page size of any particular website page. This wonderful tool works as a magic tool that can be used to check the website size online.

The size of the page is very important to load faster and ranking as well. If your page is overloaded with images and content, the size may increase in loading speed and makes user frustrated. There is a need for checking every web page size using our free online page size checker tool and analyze the size of the pages to be reduced to smaller page size. Most of the professional blogs will write more content, plenty of high-quality images, HD videos, awesome web styles and other elements will take a huge amount of size to load the website quickly. In order to identify what is the exact size of each web page, you need a page size calculator to know the amount of kb is taken exactly. So, we bought a page size checker from Cool Seo Tools to identify exactly web page size and helps the website owners to make necessary changes to increase website speed.