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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code to Text Ratio Checker is what indicates the percentage of the exact text of a web page. The code here represents the HTML code which is associated with each your webpage whereas text represents the actual written content on a web page. If there are a lot of images or backlinks on a web page, then HTML code is likely to be excessive. Too much of the HTML code or text can result in excessive loading time on a visitor’s browser.

The Code to Text Ratio is a critical aspect of any website. It is true that SEO professionals keep debating on the issue and its relevance in terms of search engines. However, the code to text is in fact very relevant to websites. The written content on a website also must have relevance to the page heading because search engines rank a web page after checking its text.

How to increase this ratio?

Increasing code to text ratio means you want to add more text on your web page. As a webmaster, it is very tough to make each and every page of the website content rich. And web owners use different techniques to compensate for this issue.

The first technique that is used to add content on a web page is to provide a commenting system for website visitors. It is recommended, allow visitors to post a comment without registration. Also, there are various social plugins available that can help users to post a comment without adding any additional information. The most popular plugins are Facebook comment box, Google+ comment box and Disqus. Any review posted by users is also visible for search engines.

The second technique is to create a forum on your website and show related threads on the posts where you want to add text. This will not only help you to get user reviews also website visitors will spend more time on your website.